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    As AWsqaured said, the official shiny form of Sylveon has not been realised yet. It is just a speculation about Sylveon's shiny colors.

    Oh, for sure Chocolate, feel free to make one~

    How do you guys think Eevee will evolve into Sylveon?

    Personnally I do not agree about a new stone that it will make Eevee evolve into Sylveo. Developpers try to make all the time differents ways that make Pokémon evolve differents things, like happiness, stones, levels, items, exchange, beauty, level up near a stone, level up in a right area, etc... . Since the first Generation, Eevee can evolve by stones, then by happiness and then by stones in two differents areas.
    So I think the next system evolution will be totally new in my opinion. Like, you have to go in a right area where there isa special wind in a tower/mountain or something like that to get your Pokémon evovle. Since I think that Sylveon is a unique Flying type, I think that a divine or a special wind will make it evolve.