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Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
Instead of an island similar to Mirage Island... how about we have a place that disappears and reappears in the same way as Mirage Island, but isn't an island at all.

How about we have a place inside a forest that you'd normally navigate through during your adventure, and that special place only appears deep within the forest on very special conditions or special days? Just imagine the forest being somewhat similar to the Lost Woods from the Zelda games in how you have to go in certain directions in order to reach your destination, but as for that special place deep within the forest... the directions you'd have to go in will change every time that special day arrives or that special condition.
Deep forest could also have rarer items than an island good too because they seem harder to find!

I mean that's kind of how I thought Entralink would work, really ;x

Originally Posted by T-Zombie View Post
If they do put something like this they should put a Celebi on it with a move that lets you speed up time so you could go to mirage island any time you like to
That means a free Celebi and I'm not sure they wanna give them away that easily :(

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