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Originally Posted by lineofdeath View Post
New ranher. New battle revolution. New trozei. New colloseun/xd.

Red this gf
Gamefreak is not involved with Spin offs. Creatures Inc is in charge of spin offs.

Other than PMD and Rangers, I don't think we need anything else. There's little to no point in a new Colosseum since that was made to replace Stadium and then it was replaced with PBR. PBR got such bad reviews we didn't get a new game for Gen 5. With the main games being 3D we definitely don't need them as their only purpose was flat out battles in 3D.

Snap would be cool, but I don't think it has enough fanbase to warrent the attempt to be created.

I'll settle for more PMD and Rangers since I can't think of anything else.
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