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    Originally Posted by Archeops12354 View Post
    How about these entry hazards?

    Spell Trap: "The user chanted a mystical spell at the enemy's team", so this entry hazard puts the foe to sleep upon entering the battle, this is a one-off so it will only put one pokemon to sleep.
    PP = 10/10

    Coal Shot: "The user shoots blazing hot coal around the enemy's feet!", you can guess what this does, this entry hazard burns the foe upon entering the arena. Like spell trap this is a one-off, however you can use the move twice to burn 2 different foes, or 3 times to burn 3 foes, etc.

    Mines: "The user lays small mines around your enemy's feet", this hazard will always deal 1/16 damage no matter how many times you use it. When the mines explode, they also confuse the target.

    Tesla Spikes: "The user lays electrical spikes around the enemy's feet", yep - paralysis.

    I like the sound of coal shot, tesla spikes and a variation of mines without dealing any damage. An entry hazard that guarantees not being able to attack is a bit too much in my opinion (sleep and freeze)
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