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Pokémon X and Y Index

In attempt to help avoid people from creating duplicate threads of topics that already exist, this index will consist of a compilation of popular discussions and speculations taking place on the forum from the past month and shall be kept updated for your needs as frequently as possible. Aside from this thread, you also have the option of doing a forum search before creating a new thread. Shall we begin?

Sidenote: All threads marked with a red star () are exempt from the forum revival rule due to reasons related to the "Pokémon X and Y News Summary" thread. Therefore they can be posted in at any time unless said otherwise.

News & Stickies

Pokémon X and Y News Summary
X/Y General Chat and Speculation
The X/Y Rumors Thread!

Pokémon Discussion

Starter Pokémon
All Things Sylveon
Smash 4/7/2013 + April CoroCoro: Mewtwo's New Form!
New Legendary Pokémon - Xerneas and Yveltal
May CoroCoro! Four New Pokémon Revealed!!
Pokémon Cries
New Pokemon and Type Combinations Speculation
Evolution / Pre-Evolution Speculation
Which past generation Pokémon do you want to return?


The Protagonists.
What's your name?
Trainer Classes
X and Y Likes and Dislikes/Disappointments Thread
Main Characters' Names
Which Version Will You Get?
How and when do you plan to get the games?

Gameplay-related Discussion

Up, Down, Left, Right...Diagonal!?
NPC Interaction
Billboards, but street-style!
Real Play
Music Style
Game Difficulty v2
Start Journey -> Beat Gyms -> Beat E4
Braille and other forms of non-verbal in-game "communication"
PokeGen / Pokesav Banned in X & Y?

Storyline-related Speculation

After-Game Stuff
Villainous Team Speculation

Battle-related Speculation

Rematch System in X&Y
Changing type resistances/type effectiveness
Innovations in the Battle System
Gym Types/Puzzles/Appearance Speculation
The Elite Four
New Moves Speculation
New Abilities Speculation

Game Mechanics Speculation

"brb riding my torchic"
An introduction of new types...?
Pokémon Breeding Improved in X & Y

Items and Features Discussion

Player Customization
The New PokéDex!
New Wrist Device Discussion
The Dream World and Outside the Games
Berries & Fruits
Secret Bases... or a house?
If The Follow-Me Feature Came Back...

Locations and Areas Speculation

A New Land, the Kalos Region
Lumiose City
Hidden Grottos
The Mall in 3D
Travel Between Regions
GameFreak HQ

Threads that have no where else to go, but here.

X and Y?
3DS Exclusive - RIP Pokémon?
The DLC Thread
3DS Features
3rd Game or Sequel Speculation
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