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    Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
    Both of you have been added! And I dunno Alexia, I'd actually have been quite happy to gotten Shane. Like I told you before, I found Shane an awesome character.

    Anyway, I just saw the latest episode, and so I have a new Topic of the Week

    The latest episode focuses on Andrea the most, as she manages to reconnect with Rick's group and comes to realize the truth behind the Governor. That being said, she failed to kill him at the end of the show, which leaves me to ask this: How do you believe Andrea will play a part in the war between Woodbury and the prison group?
    Ugh... Shane... He's definitely the most polarizing character in both the show and the book. I view him as more of a storytelling tool more than anything, but there's no doubt he was well equipped to live in an apocalyptic world.

    As for the topic of the week, I strongly feel that Andrea will eventually come around to the side of Rick and crew after a) the Governor truly assaults the prison, or b) Rick and crew truly assault Woodbury.

    She's been flip-flopping quite a bit and while it provides great drama, if she's to remain a character in the show she'll have to pick the winning side eventually. I don't believe they'll actually kill her in the show given her long life in the comic series, so that really only leaves her with the option of choosing Rick over Phillip.

    Her relationship with Michonne and their most recent conversation definitely gave Andrea something to think about. Following that up with such a fantastic and uncharacteristic suggestion from Carol seems to have pushed Andrea over an edge of sorts. The mere fact that she was actively contemplating killing Phillip shows how much she's been affected by her visit to the prison. I sincerely hope she plays a large role in the final confrontation between Phillip and Rick and, given how the show has surprised those who've read the comic, I'm fairly sure said confrontation won't go exactly as we all expect it to (Rick still has two arms, doesn't he?).
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