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Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
I feel like this'd be a lot more effective than people think. Putting aside any server issues it might create, or lag for that matter, if people see the chat, and are able to read it, they might just join in the conversation. That's how I feel anyway.

Aside from that, I was thinking maybe having the mods first of all close down all extensions to sub-forums. #OCD is the only one that I can recall, but it and all others like it should be closed. From there, I think it'd be neat to have 2 or 3 people (moderators would be ideal since they're more well known) could have something like a radio show type thing on IRC ranging on different topics, be it Pokemon or non-Pokemon. And people can come in and give their opinion. If we keep it interesting and publicize it, I think it can work.
Mmmm. I feel that's personally up to the moderators that own that specific channel. Whether they want to keep them or not is I should feel is really up to them, and honestly I don't think their channel has any bearing on the general PC channel whatsoever. They're made for a reason, and that reason is because subjects pertaining to that matter would belong in the proper channel. While I do agree that #tpc is the general Pokecommunity channel, there are those that sometimes come on, and ask for trades, and hacks and whatnot and theres no one really around to help them(at least, from my experience), so those channel were made with the appropriate people placed in charge to help those people with their inquiries accordingly.

So yeah, the sub-forum channels I doubt are really shutting down because I personally feel that it would create more of a hindrance within the main channel more than anything else. Besides, channels like #tradecorner are pretty active, I've heard a lot about #pokemonclubs, but I think it's pretty active here and there, and I'm not too sure on #ocd. I'm not so much of a heavy irc person as I used to be, but this is all based on past experience.

That being said though, I'm currently unsure about adding some sort of a main IRC page to PC. Would it make even a difference? Why not just create an IRC event, just to test the waters first and see if that would have any effect at all, rather than just pull off a huge move that would probably backfire? I'm not too comfortable in a position to see a giant IRC page in my face, when I don't think it'd make that much of a difference, and it'd probably get in people's way.

What about people who don't care much for IRC? Hopefully there would be an option to hide it or something like that, or at least x out of it. I generally feel that it would would be an okay idea on paper, but not something in practice.

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