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Aside from that, I was thinking maybe having the mods first of all close down all extensions to sub-forums. #OCD is the only one that I can recall, but it and all others like it should be closed.

lol no

On top of mine, (which is dead and unused and therefore irrelevant to this discussion btw) I helped set up the Trade Corner channel nearly 2 years ago with Twilightblade and I'll be damned if we close it or any of the others just because the main IRC chat is either dead or boring and needs the activity. We do that and people will stop using it outright, they won't go to the main channel where they don't know anyone or the convo won't be anything that pertains to them. On top of that, all it ever did was cause problems and create cliques - arguments between staff, gutting all the auth (And the annoying issue that is auth) because Jake said so, etc.

If you want to make it active then go there and talk more.
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