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I agree with Dipu actually. I know it won't go anywhere because people rage at the thought of losing their channels, but it was actually really active just before all the channels started branching off - first they weren't section-specific but friend-specific, but the sections then started becoming active and people that normally actually chatted on #tpc moved to those channels. And then people that were interested in the chat, because they were in the section that had its own channel, were told to only join the section channel, and never even encouraged towards #tpc, so they had no reason to go to begin with. And that's how we get people that swear by #tradecorner and #swablunest and have never even been in #tpc.

Either way I know no one who has a channel will be willing to give it up so it doesn't matter, just backing him up since he seems a little backed into a corner here.

I made a trivia bot and am loading it with Pokemon-related questions right now, and then I'd be more than willing to host a trivia night once or twice a week indefinitely :) It's an event, which usually means more activity, but it's also regular so the activity should hopefully be more regular.

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