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Originally Posted by Archenoth View Post
My ears perked upon the mention of Scheme. That and Clojure are awesome in all of their Lispy awesome... I never knew you knew a LISP language..! And if you haven't seen it yet, this may interest you twocows:

I gave it a try recently, and while it is kind of annoying that it requires Leiningen for Clojure, I thought the thing was pretty cool. I have not tried its Python mode yet because I don't know Python.
Looks neat, I'll look into it.

I would argue against this actually. While C++ has some oddities, it will be able to teach people about pointers as well as a more object-oriented approach than most languages that utilize memory in the same way as it. I agree that C is probably a better language to start out with, but C++ isn't that bad a language to start out with. It is also a very important language, so knowing it is definitely an asset, especially if you start writing larger programs. (It becomes easier to manage than C.)
The worst problem with saying you know C++ is that you might someday be expected to write C++ code, and I could think of no worse fate.

No, but seriously, I just think pretty much anything's a better option. Pointers are often tough for beginners, but I think as long as you make it clear what's going on in memory while you're teaching and make sure they're aware of the concept, students won't have too many problems once they encounter them in a language that has them.
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