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IRC for me, personally, is do I explain this....kind of a double-edged sword? I say this because, while it does provide excellent opportunities for off-topic chat, you have to realize that there are other mediums for that too, such as the DCC, or even PC's very own battle server. It's because of these other mediums that the IRC is getting harder and harder to make known to people, and actually give people a reason to join, much less chat on there. It's kind of an unfortunate thing, but IRC is a thing that requires a lot of attention in itself, so that's why I feel the way that I do. And when you take that attention from the IRC, people tend to forget about it, and soon they don't even notice/won't even know PC had/has an IRC at all. It kind of happens, on an unfortunate note.

I'm not placing blame on PC's other mediums for member relations but I feel it's just a kind of thing that.....happens, like I said. I can't really explain it any other way.

Oh well. u_u

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