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    Tiba and I give a little smirk of approval to each other.
    "We practiced that one allot, Although We used rocks instead of actual attacks the basic usage still applies." I explain.

    I watch as Daniel starts to have his Pokemon work together a bit more. "Heh, He's starting to show off a bit more" I think to myself with a small Smirk "To be fair, I did show off a bit myself with that last move Buuuut I wont let him Win just yet." I say to my self With a mischievous Smile.

    "Hey Tiba, I think Fira Could use a little friendly Pluck Don't you agree?" I Yell out to Tiba.
    Tiba gives a quick Nod of approval and Starts to dive right after Fira, Gaining as much speed as possible before Leveling out with the ground, Going Straight for the Apple in Fira's Hand.
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