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    Either my search terms are poor or no one has come across this issue, I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction.

    A long time ago, I got a copy of Pokemon Black from Gamestop on the day of release, and within a few hours of playing, I caught an Audino, and I named her K'Tia. In the time I've battled with her, I obtained Hidden Power and her ability was to put Pokemon to sleep from time to time. In the 60+ levels I've battled with her, this has never changed.

    Well, until recently. I've started getting into the battle trains in order to get BP to help my Raichu's defense, and I noticed something odd -- I used K'Tia as part of my battling circle since she has the best balance of moves to start with, but her Hidden Power no longer puts Pokemon to sleep - instead it paralyzes them. I wrote this off as the end effect of capping all the competing Pokemon to level 50 and assumed it was more akin to "borrowing pokemon like the ones I entered, retaining all the same moved", kind of like how Pokemon Stadium uses a Ditto to "clone" registered Pokemon. However, after I completed the battle train segment (and rage quitted after I lost a battle due to the opponent using Explosion. He fainted FIRST! >_<') I started going back to normal battles, yet K'Tia's Hidden Power seems to have stuck -- She still paralyzes Pokemon instead of putting them to sleep. My research tells me this is not supposed to happen -- any ideas on how I can fix this? Preferrably without having to catch another Audino?