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    Hello everyone! Does anyone mind if I join? My preferred Dragon Pokemon whom I must have on my team are Dragonite, and Flygon.

    Dragonite, since the original games, has always been such an honor to have on my team. The final evolution original Dragon Pokemon family. I have always been impressed with this Pokemon. Not to mention the fact that Dragonite is capable of Learning all six Unova HM's. I believe the only other Pokemon capable of that is Mew!

    Now, the reason I admire Flygon is perhaps due to the fact that it is doesn't look like much when starting out as a Trapinch. But when you look into it through details. It's really something to raise a Flygon from a Trapinch. With proper care, you can have one strong and powerful Flygon :D

    Despite my favorite Pokemon being Non-Dragon Pokemon (as evidence of my username), My favorite Type is the Dragon Type. They are just so rare being that there are only EIGHT Pure Dragon Pokemon (regardless of the fact that some of them lose their Pure status after evolving). And not to mention their power. We can all agree that Dragon Pokemon are a force to be reckoned with.