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Pokemon Crystal Community Run: Chapter 1
A fresh start

I allowed the community to choose my team for this run, and the results were:
1. Typhlosion
2. Jynx
3. Donphan
4. Ursaring
5. Suicune
6. Umbreon

Should be an interesting team to use. My clock does not work when the game is off, so I'm struggling to catch Phanpy and Teddiursa within a reasonable time limit, since I need Eevee to evolve at night as well, and those two can only be found in the morning. But, I chose to be a girl, because Crystal has the best female protagonist of all the games, and named her the default KRIS. My Rival, as a call back to the first time I played Gold, is named ???. I have delivered the egg to Elm at this point, and am on the hunt for Phanpy. I really hate that Pokemon can flee in this game. It makes me sad when a 5% runs away.