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OK! Restarted the game I made a comeback with before I was 18 years old. During my first playthrough of Pokemon Platinum, I started with Chimchar as a starter Pokemon. Because I skipped out on Diamond and Pearl, 4th generation is my least known generation save for the remakes. So I'm doing a 2nd Playthrough. This time! With a Turtwig as a starter.

Pokemon Platinum Version

Pokemon Seen so far: 12
Pokemon Caught so far: 7

- Started with a Turtwig as a starter Pokemon
- Beat Barry
- Caught a few Pokemon, Shinx is going to be my second member of the party.
- Got to Jublife City
- Defeated Barry Again
- Now I'm at the Oreburgh City.

Current Team

Turtwig - Level 15
Shinx - Level 11
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