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Issac Milke - Behind the Dorms

A huge smirk crossed Ike's face as the Gible rushed towards Trunks.

I couldn't ask for a better opportunity.

"Okay Trunks! Jump up and withdraw!" Issac commanded his Turtwig.
"Twig!" he yelled out as he leaped up, going into his shell as he ascended. He took Chomp's take down which hit him at just the right angle where it sent him spiraling into the air.
"Now hit him with a solar beam!" Ike called out with excitement. His plan worked out exactly as he planned.
"Tuuuh.. " Trunks started as emerged from his shell, his mouth starting glow. As he descended, the attack gained the energy it needed, fully charged as he was closing in on the ground. "WIIIIG!" he exerted as he shot the intense beam towards Chomp, landing softly on the ground at corner of the arena.

Come on.. hit.
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