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    I handed Chimchar the rare candy and he happily ate it. He new that the ever stone he was holding would prevent him from evolving, so he didn't hesitate to eat.
    "Chimchar use your most powerful flamethrower" I commanded to my best friend. He seemed to be particularly cuddly since what happened just a little while earlier. He used his flamethrower even stronger. Shaymin was being held by Omega and looked very frightened.
    "Only 30 minutes till midnight" yelled Omega over the loud commotion. "We are nearing Sinnoh"

    As fast as we could we traveled to Flower Paradise. We made it with 10 minutes to spare. Shaymin happily ran over to the gracidea bush and seconds later came out in it sky forme. It was happy to be back. We new it would be at least a few hours till Torrent got here so decided to rest.

    After about five minutes there was a rumbling coming from the ground. Half of Flower Paridise was cracked in half a giant Robotic groudon came out from the ground. It used a mechanic claw to hit us 20 metres across the ground. The claw grabbed Shaymin and retreated it back to the robot. The robot then grew a propeller and flew straight into the air and headed towards mount cornet. As it left, a familiar voice laughing came over the intercom.
    "Maxie!!!" Yelled Omega

    Then all of a sudden the sunnyshore clock stroked 12. We were to late......

    Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit appeared out of nowhere and brought what I asked. Lapras. I asked Celebi if it would be okay if I had Lapras in my team for a little while. Celebi nodded and returned to its Pokeball. I took the Pokeball to a nearby P.C and deposited Celebi. Then I went over to Lapras and with one simple tap of a Pokeball. Lapras was now apart of my team. But we had a big problem on our hands. Sinnoh skies turned cloudy and lighting started to strike...

    *sorry guys I'm just trying to make the story interesting and I want it to continue for a while longer because I'm really enjoy it. And what's a good story without a disaster
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