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Name: Lucas Dean

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Lucas has brown hair and stands at 5'4.Lucas dose not eat much so he is rather skinny.He usually wears a green tunic, black pants, white boots and a black hat.Lucas has pretty large ears.His eyes are quite small,and they are colored blue.His nose is like everyone else normal sized.Lucas has a scar on his left arm.

Personality: Lucas is rather friendly, if a new kid goes into the school and he is not treated well Lucas will be there to be his friend.He dose not like to fight much but if he is attacked first he will use all that he has to defend himself and others.He gets easily exited.Lucas hates big people, who are tall.He hates them because, he thinks they will take advantage of they're size and attack him.He dose not eat much,but he eats a lot when his grandmother cooks.He gets over exited a lot which make him sometimes a weird guy.

History: Lucas lost his father at the age of 6, he died in a house fire when trying to save people from the house.All Lucas has left of him is a good luck charm given to him to keep him lucky.But Lucas believes he is still out there alive.But others think that he thinks like that to be happy.His mother was sad like Lucas but she told him that in time everything will be okay.During the fire he got a large scar on his left arm.After that Lucas tried his best to become a hero like his father.So he joined the academy a few years later.In one of the years he begins to think that the fire was caused by a pokemon. His father had one Pokemon and that pokemon was Blaziken. So his goal is to one day capture a Blaziken and find his father.

Starter Pokemon:
Species: Flareon
Moves: Flamethrower, Sand-attack, Frustration, Sunny Day
Pokemon Gender: Male

RP sample (giving a bit of the story about when his father died):

It was a quiet night at first Lucas was sleeping while his father and mother were cleaning the house.But suddenly a bright light appeared.Lucas woke up and looked out the window.Lucas did not know what to do so he quickly went downstairs and said:
-Mom, Dad there is a bright light outside!
His father quickly looked and heard a scream, then he said:
-I'm going to see what it is stay inside and don't go out.
Lucas just looked at the wall and stayed there quietly.His mom asked:
-Lucas, are you hungry?
He replied:
-No.Is dad going to be home soon?
She did not say a word,just sat there.Then she said:
-Let's go it has been too long since he went out
It was cold,Lucas was shivering, as his mother saw that it was cold for him she took him in her hands and carried him .The light was getting closer and closer,brighter and brighter.Then they saw it,the fire.People were screaming,looking at the fire being afraid to go near it.But the people who lived at the house came out and Lucas' mom asked:
-Where is he,where is my husband.
They said:
-He came in and helped us get out then some of the fire got between us and we got separated he said to go on he would make it out.
But then the house collapsed.No one saw Lucas' father anywhere.When the fire ended no body was found and was presumed that it burned to ashes.But Lucas believed he is alive.
After that they came home and Lucas' mother said it will be okay.Then Lucas said:
-I am going to become like dad,a hero and i will find him one day.
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