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Originally Posted by Archeops12354 View Post
Honestly, I couldn't care less for the new or older vehicles, what I really want is to be able to ride your pokemon, imagine how awesome it would be to ride on a rapidash or zebstrika. GameFreak could also add some platforming to the game, by using your pokemon to jump over ledges or scale over long gaps that the player normally wouldn't be able to do.
I believe this would be a great feature and and that GameFreak should start some form of platforming in gen 6.
Technically the idea of transportation by Pokémon has already been done through Surf and Fly. However, I would certainly love to see this extended much farther. For example, running around town on top of a Dodrio? An amazing idea. I just don't feel too confident about it happening this generation unfortunately. :\

I love that they have taken an alternative route this generation though and added in roller skates. Will it replace the bike altogether? That's left to be seen, but if its, I honestly don't think I'm going to miss it. I would, however, like for their to be obstacles for the player where the roller skates can be used such as with the Acro Bike and Mach Bike in RSE. Maybe we'll even get ice skates for the frozen areas of the game. That would be pretty neat. Ice Arena mini-game anyone!?

Not here for gender exclusive means of transportation though. Upgrades, however, I would love to see. Perhaps going from rollerskates, to skateboards (I want these so bad!), and later the bike or maybe a dirt bike would be a great transition of upgrades.

Cars? Eh. What's the fun in those? I will say, I did like how we saw moving vehicles in Unova. It at least acknowledged the fact that they exist since the days of RSE and the moving truck.
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