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    I have the Japanese version of the fourth game! Having a Japanese 3DS has its benefits sometimes.

    EO4 is so visually appealing! The graphics are improved from previous games and the animations look amazing. But of course, we don't just play this game for graphics do we...

    FOEs have their own sprites in the dungeon, and I've heard people say that the orange/red/whatever furballs are better because they take away mystery and suspense - to put an example, I've seen people say that there's a chance that you might encounter a party killer instead when you were expecting another FOE you've met and beaten already. Sucks, but I myself don't mind. There's still the fact that FOEs will kill you if you're not careful with exploring.

    And the skill point system is pretty convenient too! Players will know that instead of a drop-down list, they have a skill tree (?), which makes it easier for people to know what skills they unlocked when the characters learn/upgrade a skill. It's unfortunate they added Novice, Veteran and Master tiers. That means Medics can't revive anyone until they're level 20. Buying nectars and healing at the inn are so expensive, mang!

    This is getting a bit too long, so I'll just end this with the 'casual mode' feature, which I've tried on the demo. What it really changes is that you receive less damage in battle; your warp wires isn't consumed when you use them, meaning you pretty much can warp back whenever you want; and you get sent back to town when your party is wiped instead of a game over. It's pretty much a free, permanent ticket to less frustration and time wasted because frankly, you die a LOT in Normal mode. Though I never use this mode, because it's part of the challenge :]

    So yeah, this is my two cents on the game as of now. I'm right at the end of the 2nd stratum in IV as of this post.

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