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I personally like both of Ash's male travel companions, Brock and Cilan.

Firstly, I like Brock for his girl-chasing antics that always end up in failures. xD I also find his knowledge about what he does professional and a great inspiration. He had always been a great companion and mentor to his travelling buddies and always looked out for them no matter what. Also, being a great cook to both humans and Pokemon is always a huge plus! xD It is known that he can be depended on as a good friend.

On the other hand, I like Cilan as he is a great all-rounded trainer overall. With him being a Gym leader, it is no exception that he is a great battler as well as that he loves Pokemon and treats them as his friends. I also like his enthusiastic and flamboyant personality. His lively gestures, his many passions and his making the world a place to test out and use his skills as a connoisseur make the anime enjoyable to watch. Oh, and he can cook too! xD

Although I was sad to see Brock go, Cilan was, in my opinion, indeed a good replacement for the male counterpart of the travelling trio. I hope to see both of them come together sometime in the anime! They would be best buddies, I'm sure of it. xD