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Originally Posted by Jake♫ View Post
I think a main point isn't being addressed, and that's that the anime is an adaptation of the games. Believe it or not, everything is set in for the games first, and then the anime takes it from there and uses the Pokémon. So a Pokémon being able to dodge in the anime (which in all honesty is kind of crap to begin with, as the battling mechanics in the games and in the anime are two totally different things) based on an evasiveness stat honestly doesn't make sense to me. It would change the whole mechanics of the game (BSTs, IVs, EVs), which would just be a pain in the butt for the developers to even work around, and have to go back and change all the previous 600 odd current Pokémon.

You could say, "Hey, they split Special into Special Attack and Special Defense in Gen 2!" But that change made sense. There was already attack and defense, so splitting Special to fit the same mold (while only changing a MUCH smaller amount of Pokémon) was reasonable. On top of that, Gen 1's mechanics were still getting refined, so IVs and EVs really didn't have much bearing on that change either.

tl;dr If it ain't broke don't fix it

I totally agree with the points you made there Jake re stating 649 and then another generation would be a massive task and wouldn't even be considered by Game Freak, I wasn't trying to say having more stats was something that is necessary more just trying to get people to think of alternate things which could be apart of the future franchise. The reason I put strong arguments for the stats was because I knew 99% of people would strongly disagree about more stats so I had to put up as good an argument for it as I could, but if I am being completely honest I don't think there is a problem with the current stat set up!

I did like the comment someone made about a friendship stat, I know the max Happiness is 255? so a stat showing what happiness your pokemon is at would be a pretty interesting thing, i know over the years there have been ways of telling how much your pokemon like you D/P/P had the friendship app where it would show you hearts but that wasn't much of an accurate showing of how much a pokemon liked you, we have also had NPC's who tell us how our pokemon want to be treated and how they're feeling which again haven't been that interesting or had much relevance in being used!
The thing I liked the most was when a pokemon follows you around in HG and SS it will tell you how it is feeling, THIS WAS A VERY NICE FEATURE! and I feel it should have stayed or even been upgraded in Black/White/Black 2 and White 2! :D
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