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There's one last point that I wish to make, though, but it's more or less echo-ing what Jake said.

As I've stated many many times throughout my posts, I just generally feel that it's something that is unfair to a lot of Pokemon and just overly complex. I'm not going to go into the complexity of everything, because Jake has already covered that. I've already provided examples on how this system just wouldn't work, along with your standard "x attack missed!" I mean, I considered that a form of "dodging", don't you? Personally, I'm pretty shocked that you neglected to mention that throughout your entire argument.

When you're battling Pokemon via the games, I don't care if there's a 1 in 100 chance that a Pokemon's going to dodge, there's still that chance happening, and on top of that, you have to worry about your own Pokemon's accuracy stat as well. That means that moves such as Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Stone Edge, Focus Blast, and just about every single move with an accuracy stat of 80 or lower is going to be significantly harder to use, no matter how you argue it, because these moves already miss enough as it is; you add an extra statistic(evasion) on top of that, then these moves are going to most likely hit around half the time, so what's the actual point? What is this evasiveness system really going to achieve in the end, and is it really worth making the games that similar to the anime at all? What would the overall benefit to this?

I feel that I didn't really have enough time to expand on my arguments and my examples, because I was such in a rush and whatnot, but now since I have time, I'll go ahead and further explain what I mean and why this evasiveness vs endurance system just wouldn't work out. I'll tackle it out point by point, and you see whether or not you agree with me, but there are more factors to take into consideration than just the words themselves, and I'll go into detail with them now:
Example 1: Swellow vs Snorlax

Ah yes, You have a fast Pokemon versus a very bulky Pokemon, two excellent examples and excellent demonstrations of what you're trying to portray here. Swellow, with a base what, 120 speed, and Snorlax, who's basically a special sponge. It seems that at first glance, assuming that Swellow assumes Toxic Orb, that this battle is already won. But utilizing your own ideas, how would evasiveness work on Snorlax? Snorlax has to have evasiveness too, and that's something you cannot possibly ignore! Now, keep in mind that Snorlax has a ridiculous amount of endurace, and that Swellow is just a tiny bird that would seem like a mere housefly to a giant...whatever-you-call Snorlax. The point being, who has the advantage, and who doesn't? What you don't explain in your arguments is that you don't throughly go by and explain point by point who has the advantage and who doesn't, and you cannot possibly argue that because it is way too complex! There's a possibility that Swellow could miss a Facade, or that Facade would just bounce off Snorlax because of that ridiculous endurance. But you're also forgetting another thing! What about Defense? What about the regular stats? Are they taken into account as well? There are just so many questions, and so little answers to them that you don't provide in your arguments that it seems like all you're saying is that "well in the anime this works, so this should work in the games as well!" which isn't necessarily true! Snorlax is fairly flimsy defensively unless it runs a Curse Set, and that's honestly pretty much it's only weakness. Pray tell, how do you plan on beating that huge hunk if all neutral attacks bounce off that thing? Are you proposing using fighting attacks? But didn't you provide a previous example of Ash's Snorlax surviving several fighting attacks?

A Pokemon's height and weight are also taken into consideration, because the one factor that motivates endurace as well as evasiveness is just that: Usually the lighter you are, the faster you are, and the heavier you are, the more bulkier you are, and thus the more resistant to attacks you are. So why not scrap evasivness and endurance and just make weight the ultimate determination of whether or not an attack damages a Pokemon, because that's, in essence, the same thing! You want another example of what I'm talking about? Fine, very well, I'll have at it, then.

Example #2: Kyogre vs Rayquaza

Again, you fail to address exactly how this applies to legendary Pokemon. Kyogre vs Rayquaza, Kyogre vs Groudon, and what about the Deoxys forms? What about Shaymin forms? Can land Shaymin dodge just as well as Sky Shaymin, and would those evasiveness stats change? What about Deoxys-S? You do notice that, hypothetically, by introducing the evasiveness stat, you are giving the fastest Pokemon in existence the ability to dodge just about every single move ever made? Don't you think that's just a slight bit unfair? Also noting that Pokemon with a base speed of around 100(let's actually make it better: 110) or more would have a significant advantage against those with a lower speed? Also, don't you think that defense and special defense are there for a reason to signify endurance along with HP? Don't you think that, by the introduction of endurance, that somehow defense as well as special defense would be neglected, accounting for the new stat instead, but how would defense as well as special defense be utilized? Are they just going to be scrapped and replaced by the new endurance stat? There are just so many logical fallacies in your argument and so many questions that I can ask. Here, let me provide another example just to show you, and this will be a good one, I promise you:


So what? Big deal, that thing is Stealth Rock weak, and Terrakion scares the piss out of that thing. Have you ever met Quiver dance Volcarona in sun? How would stat boost effect both the evasiveness stat as well as the endurance stat? If by using Quiver Dance several times, is it possible that Volcarona could also be increasing its endurance stat as well? But that would be incorrect, because Volc here dies to Stone edge regardless. But how can it die when Terrakion can't even touch the damn thing? Poor Terra, with it's only means of hitting Volcarona, now reduced to only hitting by half, and if it misses, assuming that Volcarona has HP Ground or something of that nature, Terrakion is done for. I don't care if it has Balloon, Fiery Dance would hit just as hard, and Terrakion would have to pray to Arceus in order to even get a chance against that thing. So you're talking about one of the very few counters to Volcarona, ruined because of this evasiveness/endurance introduction.

tldr: It further complicates things more than it should because it always varies from Pokemon to Pokemon, and each Pokemon takes each attack differently than the next. That being said, it would make competitive Pokemon just about infuriating to play, increasing the amount of "hax" to massive levels.

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