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    It took me a bit to post cause I'm a little lazy, sorry. I keep a notepad of my adventures on my phone as I go along so it kinda helps. Trons adventure through Crystal has come to an end, it's off to Emerald now.

    Dragon Den was pretty uneventful. I've obtained badge 8/8 for this region. Woot! Onwards to the Elite 4.
    On my way down to New Bark I went through Dark Cave. Made my way east after getting the Master Ball from Prof. Elm.

    The path leading up to Victory Road was easy peasy. Everything went down in one or two hits. I rested up in the house along the way. No fights going through Victory Road as I keep about 50 repels on me at once. I fought Clu at the end of it. All of his guys go down without me taking a single hit.

    In preparation for the Elite 4 I stick Milo, Kida, and Musashi in the box, Tron is the only one that comes along this time. I also sell off all of my items that are old and I don't use to stock up on Max Repels, Max Potions, and Full Heals. I also grab one Max Elixir for PP purposes.

    First up is Will. Everything goes down in one his besides his Exegutor. It gets off a Psychic before going down. Next!

    Koga seems familiar, wasn't he a gym leader at one point? His battle goes much the same as Wills. With his Muk taking two Thunderbolts to turn to a pile of goo. Onwards!

    Bruno actually gave me some trouble, mostly to my own stupidity. I forgot that Iron Tail is murder to rocks so it gets a Sandstorm off before I take it down. Once his Machamp comes out I try taking it on with 38 HP. It didn't go so well as I white out. Let's try this again.

    Will and Koga go down exactly the same as the first go around. Bruno I take on a little differently this go around. His Onix goes out in one hit, meaning no sandstorm. His Machamp took 3 headbutts before going down, with Bruno using a Max Potion on it once. On a side note though, with as much as Tron Headbutts things I should get the little guy a helmet or something. (I need to draw this now)

    Karen presented a small challenge in her Houndoom. She ended up using a Max Potion on it once and it's Flamethrower gave me a burn. Other than that, tally ho!

    Out of all of them Lance proves the easiest. Every one of his Pokemon go down in one or two Thunderbolts. I didn't even lose any HP with this fight. Although honestly 3 Dragonites seems a bit overkill and I wasn't expecting the Charizard.

    Tron is a level 66 at this point, onto the Kanto Region!

    First things first I get the rest of my team back. Time to board the S.S. Aqua. After taking on everyone in the cabins I find the sailors buddy. Upon doing that I take on the rest of the ship and find the little girl bugging the poor Captain. I return her to her father and he gives me an Iron Coat that goes into the PC.

    First Gym up is Lt. Surge. It's Good Tron vs. Evil Tron. My wins cause he fights for the user. Other than that this badge was easy. I'm also glad there's no more stupid garbage can puzzle. 1/8 obtained.

    Since Snorlax is blocking the path east I head north instead. I remember Saffron being farther, huh. First stop is the Gym. Since I only found a Focus Band here let's try the Gym Gym building. The warp panels this go around aren't nearly as annoying and I finish this gym faster than the last time. 2/8 obtained.

    From here I decided to head east. Nothing exciting is going on here sides people talking about the Power Plant, so let's go do that. Rock Tunnel was the bane of my existence last time so I was wary going in. This time however it was only full of items and I pop out the other side unscathed. Heading down to the Power Plant it seems a part was stolen. Fetch quest to Cerulean!

    The only person at the gym here was an odd talking Rocket Grunt so I follow him North for the part. Turns out he hid it in the gym, weird. You'd think water wouldn't be good for a mechanical part. Upon exploring north some more I find Misty at the makeout spot. She calls me names and I proceed to fry everything in her gym with Tron. 3/8 badges obtained. Also, machine part I got.

    Upon returning the part to the Power Plant I get Zap Cannon. It just sits in my bag as I head west of Saffron to Celadon. Gym number 4 is pretty easy and I don't remember who the gym leader was. 4/8 obtained. Tron is up to a level 75 right now. Two of the PP Ups I have stored in my PC go towards headbutt. After taking the Cycling Road to Fuschia it's Gym number 5.

    It only takes me a couple of minutes to find the right girl to fight and it's badge 5/8 obtained. At this point I figure I'll take on the rest of the mainland Kanto trainers that I can find. Upon stumbling my way to Mt. Moon I take on Clu for the last time. His team isn't any harder than the other times I fought him so yeah. Tron is up to level 80. Once I've found my way back to Cerulean I Fly back to Pewter.

    Brocks gym is up next. Iron Tail wins it by a landslide and I've got 6/8 obtained badges. I tried taking the long route to Cinnabar from Fuschia but that's blocked. So I head south through Viridian and Pallet to get to Cinnabar. Blue takes off after talking to him and I go take on Blaine in his solitary cave. His team takes two shots each to go down and I get 7/8 badges. So close to finishing this adventure.

    After beating all the trainers on my way back to Fuschia I fly to Viridian. I take on Blue in his Lego fortress and it's pretty easy. The only exciting thing to happen is his Rhydon making a Sandstorm, which in turn takes out his Exegutor team mate right before it gets off a sun beam. 8/8 badges obtained for Kanto.

    Upon visiting Prof. Oak he tells me I can go to Mt. Silver. I stock up on healing and repels and make my way up. The only thing of note is fighting a single Graveler to kill off my HM Slaves. I save right before Red and decide it's time to end this.

    Pikachu and Espeon went down easily enough with his Pikachu using Charm and his Espeon using Reflect. His Snorlax however was a hard wall of blubber to get through. It took quite a few Thunderbolts to go down. Upon defeating it a Venusaur is released and I figure easy peasy and don't heal as I've got half my life left. Wrong move since it's solarbeam criticals and I faint. Reset. Let's try this again.

    Pikachu goes down in one critical headbutt to the face. Espeon gets off a reflect before dying. Snorlax is even more annoying this go around as it rests two times before I get a lucky critical Thunderbolt on it. I take more caution with his Venusaur this time and heal after just about every solarbeam. It finally goes down. His Blastoise and Charizard each fall to a single Thunderbolt.

    My journey through Crystal is now complete. I was hoping it would've been a bit more of a challenge really. Maybe Emerald will be more so. Onwards!

    Tron the Raichus Final Stats:
    Level: 84
    HP: 260
    Attack: 220
    Defense: 157
    Special Attack: 209
    Special Defense: 193
    Speed: 225

    Mud-Slap / Headbutt / Iron Tail / Thunderbolt

    Milo the Psyduck: Lv: 7 Rock Smash / Whirlpool / Surf / Flash
    Kida the Psyduck: Lv: 10 Strength / Waterfall / Disable / Dig
    Musashi the Farfetch'd: Lv: 16 Peck / Fly / Leer / Cut

    Tron the Raichu Ultimate Solo Challenge:
    Leaf Green - Completed: 8 of 8 badges obtained, Elite 4 defeated
    Crystal - 16 of 16 badges obtained, Red defeated
    Emerald - 0 of 8 badges obtained.
    Platinum -
    White 2 -