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    Chapter 2 : The First Rescue Mission

    "Ah! What a gorgeous day!" Sparky said happily as walked down the road. "I can't think of a more perfect day to start my Rescue Team on!" He continued to walk down the road silently. Suddenly, he came to a halt and started frowning.
    "I can't help but feel I've forgotten something… Hmm…" Sparky stood lost in thought for a few seconds.
    "Oh, yeah! That's it! If I want to start being a Rescuer… I have to get a Rescue Mission! Dahaha! Boy, it's a good thing I remembered about that!" Sparky laughed as he walked on.


    A flock of terrified-looking Pidgey stood gathered together, facing someone hidden by shadows.
    "Well? What happened to my lunch?" said a deep voice from the shadows.
    "Oh, um, yeah, about that… He, um, he got away…" stammered one of the terrified Pidgey.
    "WHAT?!" shouted the voice. All the Pidgey fearfully flinched in unison. "YOU RUNTS! HOW COULD YOU LET HIM GET AWAY?!"
    "We're sorry! We'll find him again! We promise!" one of the Pidgey cried desperately.
    "You better… For your sake…" the voice said. All the Pidgey started shaking I fear.
    "A-alright guys! You h-heard the leader! Let's catch that worthless piece of food! F-for our sake…" said one of the Pidgey. The rest cried in agreement before flying off to find their prey…


    "O-ok… I think I'll be safe here…" said a nervous-looking Caterpie. He lay down on the ground of the small confined area he had found.
    "I don't think I've ever ran so much in my life… Those Pidgey… What kind of monsters are they? There's plenty of berries and other fruits in this forest… Yet, th-they want to… To… To eat me…"
    "Well, it's our leader that wants to eat you actually. It's just our job to capture you." The Caterpie turned around in shock to see two Pidgey smirking at him.
    "Oh! H-hey guys! Nice day, isn't it?!" squeeled the Caterpie.
    "Alright, kid. You're coming with us." said one of the Pidgey.
    "Wait a second! Can't we work something out?!" cried the Caterpie.
    "Nope." said the Pidgey as he walked menacingly towards the Caterpie.
    "Hey, wait a second. Maybe we could work something about with the little brat…" said one of the other Pidgey. The Pidgey who had been approaching Caterpie turned to the other Pidgey.
    "Shut up! Do you know what will happen if the leader finds out? We'll be begging for death after five minutes…"
    "I know that! But what she doesn't know, won't hurt us!"
    "Grr… Fine, what's your plan?"

    "Hey, you!" the Pidgey said turning to Caterpie.
    "Uh, yes?" replied Caterpie.
    "I assume you're still be cared for by your mother?"
    "Well, yes, I'm only fifteen.
    "And she'll pay a big price for your return, right?"
    "Oh, well, we're very short on money…"
    "Yes! Of course! She'll pay a fortune! Money beyond your wildest dreams! Money! Jewels! You name it! So… So please don't kill me!" Caterpie cried desperately. Both Pidgey smirked.
    "As long as nothing goes wrong, we're gonna be rich!" said the first Pidgey.
    "This plan is perfect! Nothing could go wrong!" said the second Pidgey.
    "Haha! I suppose you're right! If something did go wrong it would completely out of the blue!" They both laughed.
    "Well then, little one. Take us to your-"

    "RESCUE MISSIONS!" A flash of yellow burst through the branches and crashed into the two Pidgey, knocking them both out.
    "Ow…" As it stopped, the yellow flash turned out to be a young Pikachu wearing a red bandana. The Caterpie just stared wide-eyed at his new companion.
    "Hm?" said the Pikachu as he noticed the two unconscious Pidgey. "Wow, those two are really lazy, sleeping in the middle of the day and all."
    "Umm… Actually, you knocked them-"
    "So do you know anyone who can give me a Rescue Misson?"
    "Wait…" said the Caterpie. "You mean… You're a Rescuer?!"
    "Sure am!"
    "Nice to meet you! I'm Absolem!"
    "Cool. Actually, that's not really important."
    "Oh, um, ok."
    "I'm Sparky. Do you know where can I find a Rescue Misson?" Absolem's eyes filled up with joy.
    "I sure do! I have a Rescue Mission for you! You see, there's a flock of Pidgey-"
    "I'm hungry. Do you know where I can get some food?"
    "I thought you wanted a Rescue Mission?"
    "I can't eat a Rescue Misson."
    "Oh, um, ok… I'll take you to an apple tree…"
    "Great! Let's go!"

    "These are delicious!" stated Sparky as he swallowed bite after bite of the apples from the apple tree Absolem had showed him.
    "I'm glad!" said Absolem. He hoped that this Rescuer was strong enough to fight off the flock of Pidgey. Even so... He was still a Rescuer. A selfish, money-obsessed, ruthless, uncaring Rescuer. That's what they were all like. They were just as bad as the outlaws they fought. Absolem sighed.
    "So, how much do you want?"
    "Huh?" Sparky replied with his mouth full.
    "The payment for fighting off the Pidgey and escorting me back home. How much do you want?"
    "I don't understand." Absolem frowned. Was this guy stupid?
    "The reward for completing the Rescue Mission!" he cried.
    "Reward? Why would I want a reward?"
    "Y-you don't want one?" Absolem said, extremely taken aback.
    "Of course not! I didn't become a Rescuer for money!" Sparky exclaimed before continuing his feast of apples.
    "Wow… I thought all Rescuers were only after money. So if you didn't become a Rescuer for money, why did you become one?"
    "To complete Lucario's Mission."

    Absolem's face was the very definition of shock and horror
    "I-I'm sorry… I must have misheard you… For a minute, I thought you said you were going to complete Lucario's Mission…"
    "No, that's right."
    "You're joking, right?!"
    "…are you completely insane?"
    "There's no way somebody like you could do that!"
    "Why not?"
    "You'd need a Rescue Team…"
    "I'm looking for one."
    "You'd need to be incredibly strong…"
    "I've been training for years."
    "Look, it's impossible! Forget about it and keep your life!"

    Sparky hit Absolem with his tail, sending the young Caterpie rolling about two feet away.
    "Ow…" groaned Absolem.
    "Listen!" said Sparky, suddenly standing up and looking serious. "Maybe it is impossible! Heck, I'll probably end up dying trying to do it! But at least I died fighting for my dream! Maybe you think it's a good idea to live your life in the background, never doing what you want so long as you're safe, but in my eyes, that's not a life worth living!" Sparky stared intensely at Absolem for a few seconds.
    "I'm gonna eat more apples." he concluded. Absolem simply watched in awe. He'd never met anyone like Sparky before. Everyone he'd met had told him that if he kept quiet, he'd be safe… And yet here was this young Pikachu, telling him that it's better to live your dream and die…

    "Hey, look! There he is! Over by that apple tree!" cried a distant voice.
    "Huh?" said Sparky.
    "It's them…" whispered Absolem.
    "The Pidgey that are after me… They've found me…"
    "Wait, hold on, you're getting chased by a flock of Pidgey?"
    "Well, why didn't you say so before?" laughed Sparky. "I could have taken care of them in a heartbeat!"
    "Well, now's your chance, here they come!"

    Right on cue, came the flock of Pidgey.
    "Well, you've been very good at running and hiding but it now it's time to except your fate!" one of the Pidgey cried gleefully.
    "Is it? Maybe it's time to except yours." Sparky said, standing up and walking in front of Absolem.
    "Huh? Who are you?"
    "The guy who's gonna kick all your asses." For a moment, the flock of Pidgey and Sparky engaged in a stare off, before the flock burst out laughing.
    "You? Defeat all of us? This guy's hilarious!"
    "You know… I hear a lot of talking…" Sparky grinned. "But I don't see a lot of action." The flock of Pidgey were automatically silent.
    "Well, if you want to see some action, we'll show you! Get him!" All at once the flock flew at Sparky.
    "You can do it, Sparky!" cried Absolem.

    One by one, Sparky tackled each Pidgey, knocking them out each time.
    "Wow… So cool…" said Absolem.
    "Man, these guys are weak. If you're getting hassled by these guys, you must be super-weak, Absolem."
    "Don't mention it." said Sparky as he whacked the final Pidgey into the ground with his tail.
    "That… Was amazing!" exclaimed Absolem.
    "It was nothing. Really. It took no effort at all. I'm actually quite disappointed."
    "If you're so disappointed…" said a voice from the shadows. Sparky and Absolem turned to look at where it was coming from. "Maybe you should give me a shot…"

    A fat, female Pidgeotto with a crooked beak and ruffled feathers walked slowly from out of the shadows. Sparky looked at her for a few seconds before laughing.
    "Phew! It's just a Pidgeotto! I was worried it was a threat…" This made the Pidgeotto visibly angry.
    "Sparky... Watch what you say, she's not like the others... That's Angel, the leader of that gang of Pidgey. She's a powerful outlaw around these parts, don't underestimate her!" warned Absolem.
    "Dahaha!" laughed Sparky as he thought about how ironic it was for someone to be called Angel when they looked so... "Unangelish".
    "Relax! I can take care of her!"
    "You may have took care of my underlings without any problems but I won't be so easy!" commented Angel.
    "Well, prove it!"
    "My pleasure! Whirlwind!" Angel started flapping her wings extremely quickly, sending gusts of wind flying at Sparky, sending him flying into the apple tree.
    "Ow… Bark is hard…" muttered Sparky.
    "NOW DIE! AERIAL ACE!" Angel became engulfed in streaks of white light as she flew at Sparky with immense speed. As she collided, blinding white light filled the forest.
    "SPARKY, NO!" screamed Absolem.
    "No what?" said a voice.

    As the white light died down, it revealed Sparky standing next to Absolem, and Angel with her beak stuck in the tree trunk.
    "You… You dodged it?" said Absolem.
    "Of course I did! Christ, I've seen Shuckle both faster than that!" Sparky smirked.
    "You know what, fatty? With you being stuck and all, you're perfect target practise for the move I've been practising all these years!" Hearing that, Angel tried desperately to free herself from the tree but with no avail.
    "Thunder…" started Sparky as his cheeks sparked with electricity. "BOLT!" A large bolt of electricity came from Sparky's body, hitting Angel and causing a slight explosion. The smoke cleared to reveal Angel burned to a crisp. Sudden, a creaking noise suddenly came into earshot.
    "Wh-what's that?!" cried Absolem.
    "TIM-BER!" yelled Sparky, as the apple tree Angel was stuck in fell to the ground. Sparky was grinning, Absolem was staring with his mouth wide open, and Angel was unconscious.
    "Well Absolem, I think it's about time we got you home!" said Sparky.


    About an hour later, Sparky and Absolem reached the outskirts of the forest.
    "Ok, where to now?" asked Sparky.
    "Well, that forest we were just in is called Tiny Woods. The quickest route to my home would be through Sinister Woods, but of course that place is crawling with dangerous Pokemon so we're not going there…"
    "I see. So Sinister Woods it is." said Sparky as he walked forward.
    "What?! No! I said we're NOT going there!"
    "You also said there were dangerous Pokemon, which makes me want to go."
    "How could that possibly make you want to go?!"
    "Because there might be food."
    "That doesn't make any sense!"


    Somewhere, deep within Sinister Woods...
    "Alright, we have our job. Anyone who trespasses in our forest will pay, right?"
    "Right. We'll ambush them, take their belongings and tell them to spread the word - don't come to Sinister Woods."
    "We'll guard the ruler's land. No."
    "WHAT!" they all cried in unison.
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