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Originally Posted by Mujahid View Post
What about evolution induced by some location-specific 'weathers'..I am thinking something like Volcanic Ash , Magma or a Suphuric atmosphere near a volcano ? Ofc, i say weather because i lack a better term.
I can see certain fire types evolving by 'bathing' in Magma and some Poison types evolving by 'breathing' in the sulphuric Atmosphere.

Can you guys think of more along the same lines ?
Well that would certainly keep you from using Rain Dance or other moves to evolve your Pokemon (although I don't think that's such a bad thing in the first place), but it's not really too different from the using rocks to evolve Eevee into Leafeon/Glaceon or evolving Magneton to Magnezone. They're still location based evolutions.

Unless of course it would be dependent on random weather, which seems kinda mean since you've got no control of anything like that and you can't even just wait for them to happen like you can wait for it to be night/day.
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