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    Cheryll Renee Moreau

    Cheryll smiled to herself as she finished her essay, setting her pencil down she looked over it. One page completely filled in her perfect cursive writing. All her facts were triple checked, her grammar and spelling checked multiple times as well, but she still had to look over it one more time. At this point she was paying no attention to the boys near her that is until she heard an explosion like sound that made her jump and she glanced over at the boys. Loud noises made her nervous, extremely nervous and scared and she did not like that at all. She was worried something was wrong that something was happening and that just made her want to go home even more. As she set her pencil down she suddenly found that she was unable to move for a minute. She heard the boy who's name she didn't know speak to her. Saying something about the teachers lounge and then addressing her "you're welcome to come too, I have no intention of binding either of you like that again... sorry about that I'm kinda touchy about treating people as equals unless they show they deserve otherwise"

    Cheryll frowned for a moment, before she nodded shyly, if something was happening she did not want to be alone. Packing up her stuff quickly she quickly followed after the two older and taller boys, catching up with the red haired one she managed to stutter out. "W-What's Y-Your n-n-name?"

    Before he could respond however an announcement came over the PA system from Higoroshi-sensei. "Will class 3C gather in classroom 13? Thank you."

    Looking at the two boys shyly she stuttered again "w-we...we s-should..." she cut herself off and looked down again. Sighing at her inability to make conversation her sisters were right, it'd be a miricle if she managed to make any friends here. Even though the young girl would rather be at home, part of her had given up on leaving the school.

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