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Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
***** please - We all know that I'm the alcohol authority around here! d:

I'm not gonna say whether or not you should or shouldn't drink, since that's ultimately your choice, but I'll give you a few of my thoughts.

Firstly, your concern about getting drunk - even though you've not had alcohol before, I find it highly unlikely that you'll get drunk off a very small amount such as a single shot. I've been pretty into my drink for a good number of years now and even tiny little 12-year-old me didn't get drunk off one shot. To put it into perspective, one shot of a 40% ABV, Alcohol by Volume, drink (most alcohol which you'd take as a shot will have between 37.5% and 40% ABV) will contain 10ml alcohol. One pint of 4.5% beer or cider will contain 25.56ml alcohol. And it takes an incredible lightweight to get drunk off a single pint; there's less than half this volume in one shot. What I'd recommend you do, though, if you were to drink, is to maybe try a half pint. You'll likely find the shot absolutely disgusting if you're new to alcohol and you've a much higher capacity to pace yourself with a half pint - since you won't be expected to down it in one - so if you feel uncomfortable drinking it after a while, you've only had a small amount of alcohol and you're in a state that you're comfortable in. There's also not much more alcohol in a half pint by volume than there is in a shot, and it's more diluted so it won't have as much of an impact on you as quickly as the alcohol in a shot would. It's the best way for you to control your first drink; you can take it slowly, and it'll have a lesser impact on you than a shot would. You could also go with a mixed drink, which'd dilute the alcohol further and give you more control over the exact quantities that you're having. In any case - picking your drink properly will give you a good amount of control over how drunk you'll get, if you get drunk at all. I'd definitely advise you go with something more easily moderated than a shot.

As for the logistics of it, like coming home at 2-3am and whatnot, that's for you to work out. If you're able to pull it off then go for it - but I doubt any of us here can really help you with that. Could you stop at a friend's house instead of coming home?

For the religious side of things, I'd ask two things: 1) have you always followed your religion perfectly? and 2) would you feel like a slave to your religion if you weren't to drink, even though you wanted to? If the answer to 1 is no and the answer to 2 is yes, then I'd say to go for it. Religion's all well and good until it infringes upon what you want to do, imo, at which point I'd say to take control of your own actions for you. The exception to this is people who practice their religion fully and if this describes you, then don't do it. I don't know which religion you are or what sort of 'rules' it has, so I can't say much else here, but that's my view on it.

One warning I will give is that if you do decide to drink then you should be aware that, if you enjoy it (and honestly, most people don't enjoy their first few drinks but still!), I personally find it difficult to stop drinking. As you've probably figured before now, though, I... am very into my alcohol so my personal experience probably won't reflect yours very strongly. But, it's worth noting; you're gonna have to dedicate yourself to not drinking more than you know you should if you do find that you're enjoying it. But, from what I've seen of you, that won't be a problem.

I think that's all I have to say. Hope it helps!

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you'll end up waking up next to a horse and realize you had some overnight fun with it...if you know what I mean.
WOAH OK a wee bit inappropriate right there, haha.
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