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    Rosalyn Smith


    Rosalyn smiled at Jimmy holding her new Pokemon with one hand as she put her bag on her shoulder. "I'm ready, I'm feeling way better. Plus I hate hospitals" she said grabbing Jimmy's hand with a smile and a blush. Giggling as Eris licked her chin the two teens left the Pokemon Center. Looking up at the sky Rosie spotted it was getting kinda late.

    "Hey Jimmy, wanna head back to the academy or something else?" Rosie asked she was a little disappointed she hadn't been able to sell some of her artwork in Oak town, she had a little money left, enough for Dinner and a small breakfast. But no matter what she'd have to sell some stuff tomorrow otherwise she'd be broke. Who knows she might be able to paint some pictures of Eris to sell, they'd be worth a lot. "It's up to you" she added smiling as she looked at her crush Best Friend.

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