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Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
Firstly, your concern about getting drunk - even though you've not had alcohol before, I find it highly unlikely that you'll get drunk off a very small amount such as a single shot. I've been pretty into my drink for a good number of years now and even tiny little 12-year-old me didn't get drunk off one shot. .
Say what you want, but I can easily get drunk/buzzed/tipsy off a single shot.. so it's not impossible.

And a pint and a half is my limit. Unlike RL I find it easy to stop drinking. But you don't know that about yourself yet.

I say when it comes to the rents.. better safe than sorry.. but then again I'm a goody-two-shoes type of girl. In the end, ultimately the decision is yours. If I were in your situation, though, I wouldn't drink, but that's just me.
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