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I sighed and walked out of the office. I had been given a pitiful punishment, and it made me wonder what other kids could get away with in this school. I decided I had spent enough time out of class, and walked back to the room. I think if I had thought about the location of the class I would've gotten lost, but I just kind of subconsciously walked there, my mind elsewhere. I was right when I told Elise that I was too weak to fight in this school, and if they almost killed me then what hope did she have as a human. Then I began to wonder, were there more humans at this school, if so were they afraid to be here, or did they even know.

Before I entered the class, I stopped at the door and looked at the ground, I'll have to ask my sister. I thought, sighing, I'm always bothering her....

When I walked into the classroom, there were not many people here. Well, that's wrong, there were enough people here. Cheryll, Elise, and the teacher were there, and a few others I never met. Anyone here could be human, or strong enough to kill me... I thought. I remembered meeting Cheryll, a person more timid than me, probably safe, the other boy in class looked weaker as well, though not timid. I wondered what he could be, possibly another lycan, or maybe a snowman. There was also a girl sitting in the front, her energy was palpable, and I knew she would probably be a dangerous Youkai. There was another girl, I had passed her in the halls and she transformed right before my eyes, I knew she wasn't human, and I was willing to bet she was stronger than me.

Finally, the teacher who's name I forgot sat at his desk, wounded. It seemed like everyone was getting in fights today, and again I questioned how safe this school was. But then I remembered, most of us are not human, we are all much more than that and power was likely a hard thing to contain in school. I sat down next to Elise, accidentally muttering "It's all part of the experience."

"Huh?" She said, but I just smiled and shook my head, as if I had said nothing at all, "Well anyways, what took you so long?" She had a stern look.

"I got in a debate, but I think I debated too hard, so now a guys in the nurse."

"Well jeeze, as long as it wasn't a fight." She said sarcastically, something my sister did all the time.

"They were beating up another kid, 3 on 1" I justified.

"I guess you are fine, and you don't seem to be the type to do any serious injuries to someone." She sighed, "But Higoroshi doesn't look so good..." Her tone changed to one my sister had when I came home after a fight. "I think it might be gang related."

"No, a gang wouldn't just beat someone up..." I said softly, she didn't hear me, I didnt think she needed to know my theory.

"He doesn't look well..." She continued, "Maybe we should talk to him?" I had detention time to do that, so I just shrugged, "Ok, I'll go by myself then."

"No, no I think that I should go with you, this is definitely not a gossip topic." But she shook her head.

"I'll talk to him alone, you may get in trouble about the fight you had." I sighed, I wasn't going to bother arguing. She walked to the desk, and I watched her nervously talk to the teacher. I wondered about the other kids in class, what was their strengths? We're they all shy like me and Cheryll, or we're they all hot-headed like the werewolf.

I leaned back, taking long glances at each, This is my class for the year I put my feet on the desk, I wonder if we will all be here to graduate...
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