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    The only time I ever pirate games is on my R4 for DS games, and it's mostly just to try a game out before buying it (a demo, basically) given the DS huge library. Most of the the games on my R4 that I actually spent a worthwhile time playing I already ended up owning anyway. Rhythm Heaven and Elite Beat Agents are the two big one. Though I never ended up buying 999 because importing never crossed my mind at that time, and I still need to get Ace Attorney Investigations. (i'm part of the problem i know)

    Otherwise I'm completely anti-piracy. I'd rather own a game and support the developers than play it illegally just to save some cash. (sans the most expensive stuff out there which are generally in used earthbound.) However, I'm actually dying to play Virtual Boy Wario Land but Virtual Boy was never released in Europe, so I'm considering pirating. Who knows, I doubt the virtual boy will ever get a virtual console release.

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