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    Originally Posted by Missing Number View Post
    How much Hoenn CAN be done, like... what is possible with the space given?

    can Pokemon be added without removing any? if so would prevos and evos from future gens be considered? Don't care bout any others, just like seeing complete lines

    Is it possible to make every pokemon able to use all hms of currently obtained hms and badges they can learn without teaching them? Just so we can skip the slaves.... or just "Ash Grey" it (ie raft, hatchet etc.)?? I mean not all HMs are golden!

    Optional Pichu and Eevee starters w/rival choosing the other? (Almost Yellowish)

    Again if adding is possible, fakemon of a starter and its evolutions with alternate art and color/pattern and slightly higher stats(I.e. a striped Charmander, a big bulbed bulbasaur, as an example) and/or alternate evolution

    If any of these are farfetch'd, lemme know, I don't quite remember what is doable since its been a billion years since of hacked this game personally
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