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Originally Posted by VydorScope View Post
Im very disapointed with TGC Online because I have 2 great decks at home that I have been working hard on, and the best thing I can do with my online deck is... well stick with my cold-fire deck because the booster packs have all failed to turn up much of anything online. I had purchased a kit of 6 decks from walmart for $29 that came in a plastic box, but it does not have any codes in it for TGC Online, so that means I have almost no energy in my online decks either.

So I rip through the "tournament challenge" against the computer - winning must games in 5-7 minutes, I doubt I would be a match for any real decks out there... *sigh*
Your online collection is set up do you don't need to collect any basic energy cards. When you go to build a deck, look for the energy cards that have the infinity symbol indicating how many of that energy you have.

You can trade your booster codes for virtual cards with other people, giving them so many codes to get a specific card.

As it stands right now, though, I'm only available evenings and weekends for matches.
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