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    Nox Fenoir

    After infiltrating the warehouse under his blind disguise, Nox had initiated the bloody fight to create an opening for his teammates to join in. They quickly descended upon the warehouse and began slaughtering the vampires with no mercy, blood was smeared along the walls and floor as the Reapers tore through the horde of vampires. It was chaos as the fight continued, and Nox was sure to be on high alert as the Harbingers joined in. He narrowly ducked one of Luka's arrows as it hit a nearby vampire in the chest.

    "Argh!" winced Nox as he was attacked by three vampires from behind, attempting to pin him down and sinking their fangs into his shoulder, arm and neck.

    As he struggled to reach for one of his spears, two of the vampires held his arms behind his back to prevent him from using his weapon. Unable to use his spear, a few of Nox's long dreadlocks began to rise, transforming into black mamba snakes. The snakes bit the vampires multiple times and they released him at once, hissing and clawing at their bite wounds. The eyes of the vampires too began to change as they started to bleed and turn white and cloudy, resembling Nox's own eyes. As they writhed around in pain Nox grabbed a bone needle and englarged it into a spear, mercilessly stabbing each vampire in the chest. With no time to react, he was then blindsided by a Harbinger, who had rammed into him with such force that it knocked the spear from his grasp and sent him flying into a wall. Nox rose to his feet to find himself face to face with two blue eyed Harbingers standing side by side, apparently twins.

    "You and your friends have come to the wrong place Reaper," said one of the Harbingers as he brandished a spiked chain, the links clinking together audibly.

    "We'll dispose of you quickly," whispered the other Harbinger as he brandished a dagger, which was ablaze with fire magic.

    "Not a chance, Harbinger," Nox retorted as he grabbed his two bone scythes, gripping them tightly with anticipation.

    Without warning, the twin Harbingers charged in and the fight ensued. Nox managed to avoid most of their attacks, which was increasingly difficult as the two worked as a team. After slashing the dagger wielding Harbinger across the chest, Nox was caught up in the chain of the other. As he struggled to free himself, the spiky links of the chain tore into his arms while the chain wielding Harbinger held him down. Though severly wounded, the dagger wielder was still able to fight.

    "Urgh.. you're finished Reaper," said the Harbinger, clutching his chest and wiping blood from his mouth. He ignited his dagger with flames as he advanced toward Nox.


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