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    I didn't have anybody that knew counter except Titania from the Bonus Box. Anybody from the Bonus box can be reclassed into anything, like the avatar. So, I turned her into an Archer.

    If was interesting to have damage being dealt when otherwise you would be defenseless. However, Counter doesn't just isn't a good ability for player characters.

    1. You have to take damage for it to work. If you have counter on a tank that takes very little damage from attacks, Counter does nothing. Same goes for Pairs that Support-Block each other. I would rather take no damage than deal damage with Counter.

    2. Every time you take damage, you risk dieing. My Viron has more defense than his wife, Sully (paladin). He can take a hit. But that doesn't mean he can Zerg-Rush 3 enemies at once. It is just smarter to avoid taking damage in the first place.

    3. Enemies killed by Counter Skill DO NOT EARN XP. Apperently, if a foe is killed by Counter damage, you gain no XP for his death. That is a deal breaker right there.

    Sully Virron makes a powerful team. Sully have more range to put the Archer in position. And The two of them share High Speed and Skill. So, they often attack twice and get Critical Hits. And Attacking twice also means more chances to get a Critical hit.

    Critical hits are basically OHKO.

    Another strategy is to pair up and Archer/ranged unit with a Tank. The extra defense will protect the Archer. Dual Guard+ Skill will make the tank negate damage more often.

    The AI will never attack kellam because his defenses are too high. They will instead attack the Avatar, who is 15 levels higher, because the Avatar has lower defenses. If the Archer had High enough defenses from his partner, and their are other units to attack, the AI will probably attack whoever will take more damage.

    Unless attacking a man who can't fight back Literally takes priority.