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    As Luka said. The MySQL database would be a single thing to take care of. It would also let you advertise that you want a battle and match you up with someone automatically, rather than having to find someone via other means (e.g. messaging, posting in a thread) and then set up the connection with them yourself. It'd all be self-contained and convenient.

    Originally Posted by Luka S.J. View Post
    Once/if we get a stable enough method for communicating information between the two machines, I'd have no objection in trying to implement PVP functionality into the Battle System. My mind may change when it comes to doing it, but for now it's open to contribution.
    You're a brave man. Making the scripts communicate whether Tri-Attack will poison, burn or paralyse the opponent (for example) would be quite a task - there are so many randomness-based effects that would need to be standardised between the two players.

    Hmm, perhaps setting the RNG seed of both players to the same value would help? Theoretically that would make the battle at both ends play out identically given the same inputs, and all you'd need to transmit is the information of which action is taken each round.

    Okay, you're not so brave. :D It actually sounds manageable now.
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