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Originally Posted by Izanagi-No-Okami View Post
So I'm almost done with this game (first playthrough), however I've run into a major issue.. I've beaten the league, collected all of the dragon gods, beaten Joseph and gotten yiyan, and I've gotten all 8 of the ruby destiny fragments. Also be aware I'm playing on Version 15, the most recent version. I put all the fragments in my bag and headed over to the tower, but when I talked to Jayson he acted like it was my first time there, and when I talked to Chaomega he told me to go see Giratina in shadow valley. However, I already got shaymin (I had to in order to get my 8th symbol), and since I've beaten Joseph, the entrance to shadow valley in dusk path's mineral cave is gone. That's not all. Out of boredom I went to Breeze Isle, and when I got there I saw that April and Breatherna were there as well. Whenever I tried to start the double battle (for the second time now) I was able to walk around after saying yes to the battle twice.. ?? Additionally, I was able to obtain another Devihel and another Angeallen. Furthermore, I went to see if Jospeh was in front of Yiyan AGAIN, and surprisingly he was. However, when I beat him, he wouldn't move even though I had shaymin, a problem many other people had as well. I've gone through just about every page in this thread and I've seen similar questions, but nobody has answered. I would be very grateful if someone could help, as I've put alot of hours into this game... If I have to restart that's fine, but I'd like an answer because it's driving me crazy. Thanks for your time, guys.
I am aware of this bug, but unfortunately, I have no idea what it causing this to happen.
It's a rare bug though.

Anyway, please send me your saved file via PM so I can activate the final event for you.
Note: Save file, not saved states.

I'll get back to you when I get home.

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