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    Zoran Nishant

    She rubbed her head sheepishly as she rose back to her feet. "Urm... he's so lucky I don't get seasick... ehehe..." Zoran looked around, feeling the water bob the boat gently beneath her. "Which way... which way is safe?" What's safe anyway?

    How long to you intend to play around? We have guests.

    Zoran's honey eyes then slowly rested on the Vulpix. For a moment, she was very still. The red coat had a simple enough meaning. Fire. Vulpix were Fire-types. What did that mean? Was it... possibly...

    "What are you doing? It's falling; control yourself!"


    Her turn next?

    Zoran then shook her head, forcing her heartbeat to stop its racing. The shadows murmured out, rising in agitation and thickness. They hissed and whined, curling over each other. Something was wrong. It wasn't her. Was someone looking for her? Why on earth would they do that? She was not here, so it would be rather pointless. Letting her eyes rest on the Vulpix once more, another part of her brain kicked in. She smiled widely.

    "You' cute!" It was almost squealed out, dangerously close to Edmund's uncurled ear. The Pokemon stirred. "Are you looking for someone?" She stepped back and crouched, just to give enough space between her and the glaring furball. Gosh it was so adorable! She wondered why it was so angry though... perhaps... Maybe it knows too... She smiled anyway. "You don't have to be so upset! I'm Zora! It's nice to meet you." She placed out her hand, palm out, and held it there, Edmund safely in the crook of her other arm.

    Edmund yawned, kicking tiny feet against the air. "'Ey, crazy girl, we still up?" Zoran patted his head gently.

    "Nope, we're on a boat!" The excited reply made him gave and scowl. Zoran's happiness dimmed in her smile as she sheepishly curled a lock of hair. "Not sure where or why though..." Edmund twisted to stare at her. Then he slapped his face with a paw.

    "Forget it," he groaned. "I'm not gonna comment, you psychotic weirdo. I am just gonna roll with the punches, yes I am. I'm going to save my sanity, yes I am." Finally his eyes caught wind of Vulpix. He wriggled free from Zoran's arm and he plopped to the ground. "Hey, your face is gonna get stuck like that girly Q? Ya mind?"

    "Eddy..." Zoran chided.

    He glared. "My name is Edmund! Arceus' plates girl, I remember your freaky-deaky name!"
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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