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J names are the best (totally not biased). Welcome to PC Joseph~

Aw, you're lucky, I really miss my GBA. It has long since died but luckily I have my awesome GBA SP that should hopefully still be alive. xD; It doesn't require batteries and instead uses a charger, which is all the better since I don't want to keep buying batteries! And when you say Pokemon Mini do you mean like.. the Pokemon tomogatchi-like things? Those were one of my biggest addictions as a kid, aiee. I took my pocket Pikachu with me everywhere. <3; You've got a lot of retro systems though - that's really great, I'm jealous! My only old systems are my Hey You, Pikachu! N64 (don't even know where it is though), GBA SP, and my PS2/old Xbox (if that counts haha).

Looks like you're more into the older games from the franchise, in which case you should check out the Metal/Color Games section to talk about all things related to Red/Blue/Yellow and Gold/Silver/Crystal. ^_^ It'd be a wonderful place for you and you'd be able to meet plenty of other fans like yourself there! Do you play the new games?

Hope you have a wonderful time on PC and see you around!

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