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C.J. Styles
Behind the Dorms

Chomp was mid charge when Trunks released a Razor Leaf at her. “Change of plans. Dig!” C.J. commanded. Chomp dives underground digging furiously towards the Turtwig once again. “Continue the Dragon Claw.” C.J. once again commanded the Gabite telepathically.

In the corner of his eye C.J. could see someone approaching. Can’t get distracted now we’re in the final moments of this battle. C.J. wasn’t sure what to think, he didn’t expect Issac and Trunks to put up this much of a fight, but Chomp was untrained up to this point. I’ll have to remember to give her some TM moves.

Soon Chomp reached the Turtwig popping up from the ground directly behind Trunks slashing in an ‘X’ form at him. Well this is it, we’re to close to do much else. C.J. could tell Chomp was tired, if Trunks lasted past this attack there would be only one more option available, and it wouldn’t be pretty.

Ace, standing on the sidelines with Ax, Custos, and Golett, turned when he sensed an approach from behind him. “Don’t over reach Ace,” said Custos, also aware of the intrusion, “Wait until we know if they are friendly or not.” “Okay.” Ace responded, however he still faced the new comers. “DEINO!” he cried out to make his presence known.
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