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Originally Posted by CloysterOyster View Post
Chasing down the legendary dogs. I only was able to capture Suicune. I did weaken Raikou enough but never got to capture him. Entei I barely came across. Traveling on the S.S. Anne and S.S. Aqua were memorable times too. Beating all the trainers there is how I was able to level up alot of my Pokémon (along with the help of EXP Share).

Oh, the nostalgia. Take me back. Even in this point of my life, I want to relive it all and regain all I lost when my Crystal version died and erased everything.
Oh, you've been playing Crystal, too?
This is another from me.

In my Crystal game.. I remember the time when I had to complete the Johto Dex.. It was hard but it's also worth it. All my hard work bore a very sweet fruit.
Encountering Rival Silver was also very fun.. Because I enjoyed beating him HAHAHA :D
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