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C.J. Styles
Behind the Dorms

C.J. walked to where Chomp stood. “Good job.” he said to her before Issac made his way over. "That was a great battle. Congratulations C.J. and good job to you as well, Chomp" Issac said, extending his hand out. C.J. took his handshake, “Yeah, it was a good battle. You really surprised me.” C.J. responded.

"There is someone coming over here.." He heard Issac say. He turned his head to see another student approaching. "H-hey, hope I'm not intruding or anything! Heh. Guess I was kind of late for the battle. I could see the sparks flying a mile away!" the unknown Student said as he made his way to them. “Not intruding at all. My names, C.J. this here is Issac, and you are?” C.J. said, smiling back at the boy. He recognized him from around the Academy but never truly talked to him.

C.J. reached into his backpack pulling out a potion and spraying Chomp with it. “Issac if you need a Potion or something for Trunks feel free to use one.

Ace snarled a bit not being able to see the Pokemon in front of him. “You’ll have to excuse his rudeness,” Custos said, “he’s blind and has a hard time sensing Ghost types so he gets a bit restless around them.” Custos explained.

Ax ignored the new faces for the time being running up to Chomp. “You got so much bigger!” she said astonished by the fact. “Hehe, yeah, I thought I was done for there then BOOM this happened.” Chomp laughed.
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