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    Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post
    Pokemon XD/Colosseum type game. And of course Mystery Dungeon. We haven't had one in ages! (I don't count the excuse of a game that they're trying to pass off as PMD 5th generation)

    Oh, oh, oh, oh! And a new Conquest! That game is so good, a sequel would be amazing. <3 one that contains bulbasaur tyvm
    It hasn't even seen an international release and already dissing it? Its roughly the same as the others minus the selection process. I like Gates a lot more based on concept than the original Mystery Dungeons. I mean I get to partner up with other people now so my Friends and I can play at the same time. I'm really happy with this installment, and when the Gen 6 one comes out, most likely the only choices will be Gen 5 Starters, Gen 6 Starters, Eevee as a possibility, Pikachu, and maybe one other Pokemon. Gen 5 Reset the Pokemon world so all of the new stuff will have a focus on them just like all the older stuff had a focus on Kanto. They'll split the focus up among the new regions, but its going to run the same way.
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