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    Originally Posted by Simon3dg View Post
    I used this tool to randomize PkmFR, now i got myself a Scyther and I was wondering when it's gonna evolve to Scizor. Do i need the metal coat? I made it so that trade evos shouldn't be necessary.
    It should be Level 30, but because of a small bug at the moment it will be level up with high happiness.

    don't forget to do the random pallets, which are now included in some RBY/GSC randomisers...
    Those are heavily game-specific, and the guy who made the original RBY palettes has already had some documented struggles making them for his upcoming improved Emerald randomizer. For now, I don't plan on doing that.

    I'm actually having trouble randomizing any game when it comes to wild pokemon, I'm not really sure why.

    Anyone else have this same issue?
    What games are you trying to randomize? What actually happens when you try to randomize wild Pokemon?
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