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Originally Posted by Jellicent♀ View Post
Bianca was the first thought in my mind. Personally, N is just annoying. Purely irritating to me.

Bianca was just amazing to me. She started off, sweet, kind, and raring to go and wanting to be strong. As the game went on, she realized that being strong or a Champion wasn't really her calling. She was indecisive, something I'm sure many sixteen year olds can relate to. Her main factor for me is how relatable she was. She wasn't some diabolical mastermind, she wasn't some crazy green haired fool who believed in fear tactics to save Pokemon, nor was she some flavorless ten year old starting trainer who caught God in a purple ball. She was a normal, relatable, sane character. Plus, she's so flippin' cute. <3
I agree with you, she and Cheren were the characters that represented Unova the most.

Bianca especially, because I remember when her father tried to stop her going on a Pokemon journey and when she couldn't compare her strength to that of Hilbert/Hilda and Cheren, and then the eventually found her true career at the end of B/W that then continued into B2/W2, being Professor Juniper's assistant who gave Nate/Rosa their starter.

She went through loads of development compared to most other characters, and she's one of my faves too!
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