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    I was reading this thread earlier, and I have been trying to organize my thoughts for the past few hours and figure out how I want to share them, but so far my efforts have been unsuccessful. So, I will just put them out there, regardless of how scattered they are.

    - A new Pokemon game on a new system affords Game Freak the perfect opportunity to overhaul the move set system.

    - I feel Game Freak needs to innovate in the area of move sets and to redesign the move sets of every Pokemon, in spite of the practical difficulties of such an undertaking.

    - One area that needs special attention is the suitability of the moves each Pokemon learn for their stats and their type. For example, Flareon has a much higher attack than special attack, yet it does not learn a single physical Fire move. Another example is Zigzagoon (and other Normal types, such as Clefairy, Zangoose, and Audino), who can learn Ice Beam, Blizzard, Thunder Bolt, Thunder, Shadow Ball, and Surf, among other moves, in spite of the fact there are no good reasons a Tiny Raccoon species should be able to learn such moves.

    - There should be signature moves for the starter Pokemon and for legendaries to distinguish them from other Pokemon and to preserve their uniqueness.

    - A better balance needs to be struck between moves used primarily for in-game play and moves used primarily for competitive play. My perception is that, since Ruby and Sapphire, Game Freak has been placing increasing emphasis in their games on competitive play than the in-game experience. With the prevalence of wireless connectivity today, this emphasis is understandable; but for people like me - who prefer completing the story and simply raising Pokemon more than battling competitively - a better balance would be welcome.

    - There need to be better TMs, and Gym leaders should hand out more special TMs. For example, why not have Cheren hand out Return; Roxie, Poison Jab; Burgh, X-Scissor; Elesa, Thunder Bolt; Clay, Earthquake; Skyla, Aerial Ace; Drayden, Dragon Pulse; and Marlon, Water Pulse?

    - For those who say there are not enough moves for certain types, such as Dark, Steel, and Dragon, you have to consider that those types are less common than many other types, so naturally there are going to be fewer moves for those types. Moreover, for those who say that Dark needs to have more powerful attack moves, consider that the Dark type is about strategy, so you should expect more strategic moves for that type than offensive moves. I think Dark Pulse and Night Slash are sufficiently powerful moves for the Dark type.

    - All the Pokemon stats need to be recalibrated, including the attack and special attack stats. The power is getting out of hand, and the accuracy of many moves is diminishing. I would like to see more balanced moves.

    These are just general observations and thoughts, nothing too specific. I am sure I could come up with more upon further reflection.
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