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Originally Posted by twocows View Post
The worst problem with saying you know C++ is that you might someday be expected to write C++ code, and I could think of no worse fate.

No, but seriously, I just think pretty much anything's a better option. Pointers are often tough for beginners, but I think as long as you make it clear what's going on in memory while you're teaching and make sure they're aware of the concept, students won't have too many problems once they encounter them in a language that has them.
I may regret asking this, but why do you hate C++ so much anyway? I'm curious.

I see a lower level language that has a psuedo object-oriented paradigm, meaning it's easier to organize code in larger projects. I see improved APIs over C for things like String handling, and I see a language that you can write C code in and have it work if you rather.

It has quite a few more capabilities than C.

Granted, I personally rather C myself... But this is because it is a really small language and I can get my code to compile everywhere. I never really thought of C++ as an inferior language to it, much less as the monstrosity your posts make it out to be...

So, mind filling me in here?
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