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    It's really difficult to find my most precious moment, but if I had to pick then it had to be that moment during the Summer holiday of 1999 when my four-year old self was sitting on the ground, staring at the TV -- still with a big bulky tube -- and I watched the first ever episode airing in my country. I was enchanted by the show. God, that 13 and a half years from now, I am still into pokémon, and I am a member of a pokémon-centred forum I would have never have guessed. It pretty much altered the course of my childhood -- or my whole life -- from there.

    One of my other most cherished moments I had with the pokémon fandom is probably my seventh birthday when I got my own pokémon silver game. Man, the hours and hours I played on that thing. Then finally getting into the most intense battle I've ever had on Mt. Silver against Red. Man, that was taleworthy.
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